Iceberg Publishing is an innovative, modern music publishing company working with songwriters and composers who write and produce original music for performing artists, films, television and advertisements. Signing with Iceberg Publishing means signing with a trustworthy and proactive partner who manages rights and income internationally, whilst ensuring professional exploitation of compositions worldwide.

In addition to the administration of rights, Iceberg Publishing supports its composers through co-writing sessions. Our team can also assist with general career development, promotion, contacts to key A&R executives, managers, producers and showcases both at home and abroad.

With more than 40 years of experience in the music industry, Iceberg Publishing has the necessary network and relations to create international opportunities for composers and songwriters alike.

Iceberg has worked closely with songwriter & artist Tim Schou for the last six years, resulting in more than 350 songs for himself and other artists.

“To me, the importance of working with a smaller company is huge. They remind the giant entertainment machine that I exist as a songwriter. Due to the tremendous work they put into strengthening and nurturing their network, Iceberg is among the Danish companies with an acclaimed reputation abroad. This is significant to me as a songwriter."

- Tim Schou,  songwriter at Iceberg Publishing A/S

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