N.P. York and the Fools


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At the beginning of 2022, N.P. York chose to isolate himself in a secluded cottage. Cut off from the outside world, the singer went through a severe depression, but in the middle of the physical and psychological darkness, the 30-year-old Dane was struck by a raging love.

The two great conflicting emotions turned into 13 beautiful songs about darkness and light. These songs constitute N.P. York & The Fools debut album. So far Hits Me Hard, Here it Comes and Pain and the ever after have been released

With a mix of graceful strings played by Who Killed Bambi, subdued piano and raucous guitars, N.P. York & The Fools are not afraid to mix genres within indie pop and rock, soul and folk.

N. P. York & The Fools' upcoming debut album "Music for Fools" will be released in 2024.

Andreas Linnemann, who i.a. has produced for BAEST, is the band's producer.

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