Iceberg Records is an independent and progressive record label with a steadfast focus on pop, singer/songwriter, alternative and rock music genres. Since its inception in 1982, Iceberg Records has built a distinctive international network, allowing several of its artists to gain worldwide recognition, through releases by both major and independent labels.

Over the years, Iceberg Records has enjoyed remarkable success, with Scatman John being its most significant international sales success story. Scatman John's music has sold 4.5 million albums, 4.5 million singles, and over 30 million compilations globally. His legendary hit single "Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop" has amassed more than 117 million streams to date.

At Iceberg Records, we remain committed to identifying and nurturing exceptional talent and providing a platform for their music to reach audiences worldwide. Our focus on quality, creativity, and innovation ensures that our artists continue to excel in their respective genres and that we maintain our position as a trailblazer in the music industry.

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