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​Twins of June is a Danish twin-brother duo that has significantly impacted the music industry since the release of their debut EP 'Memories' in 2015. The EP claimed the #1 spot on the Singer-Songwriter list on iTunes in Denmark soon after its release, and their subsequent releases continued to perform well, with their singles 'Out of Time' in 2016 and 'Around You' in 2018 reaching #2 on the charts.

Over the past few years, Twins of June has toured extensively in Germany and Denmark, supporting renowned artists such as Nicklas Sahl and Tim Schou. They have also released their debut album 'Home' and several successful singles, including 'Breathe On' and 'Love You So'.

Twins of June's music has gained support from various radio stations such as DR, and their sound has travelled beyond Denmark to other countries, including Germany, England, and the USA. The duo's music portrays life's triumphs and tribulations, drawing inspiration from modern Singer-Songwriter and Folk artists like Passenger, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, and Mumford & Sons.

With over +2 million streams to their credit, Twins of June is rapidly gaining recognition and making strides in their career. They believe this is only the beginning, and their dedication to producing soulful and evocative music ensures their future in the industry is bright.

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