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​The twin brothers, Jesper & Jonas Trumm from Denmark, got off to a great start in their career following the release of their debut EP 'Memories' in 2015. The EP landet #1 spot on the Singer-Songwriter list on iTunes in Denmark, after being released. Several of their releases hit the top of the hit list in the following years such as their single 'Out of Time' in 2016 & their single 'Around You' in 2018, both reaching #2.​

​For the past few years Twins of June have been on a bunch of tours in Germany & Denmark, supported various artists including Nicklas Sahl and Tim Schou, released their debut album 'Home' and released singles such as 'Breathe On' & 'Love You So'.

​Radio stations like DR have supported Twins of June from the beginning, while their music also travelled to other countries amongst Germany, England, USA.​

Twins of June takes you on a journey through their sensitive and musical universe that beautifully describes the ups and downs in life. The music is inspired by artists from today's Singer-Songwriter and Folk artists such as Passenger, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons. ​Twins of June has reached +1.400.000 streams and is well underway with their careers which according to them, is only the beginning.


 CVR: ​18 55 24 42  

Julsoevaenget 10, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark 

 +45 87 20 66 00