Behind MOERCH is singer and composer Carsten Mørch-Bentzen.

Carsten’s musical journey is rooted in the alternative music scene. A guest appearance however, on the debut of 90’s hiphop act Hvid Sjokolade changed his route entirely. Until then his activities were mainly on local stages; with the success of Hvid Sjokolade Carsten suddenly toured intensely and recorded in the years to come.

Following that periode Carsten was suggested to embark on a solo career – but instead he returned to work in the alternative scene with sad-core band Wanderlust and electro-duo Sparkling.

As years went by Carsten felt ready to go solo. A musical universe developed. One, in which he could unfold visions for alternative pop songs and find a space for his voice, which over the years was compared to artist like David Bowie and Scott Walker. MOERCH was born.

MOERCH released the first EP in 2006. Selected hooks from the release could be found on Copenhagen Film Festival adverts, it received thorough airplay on P6 Beat and the smashing music video was screened at Roskilde Festival same year.


MOERCH’s forthcoming release presents an expanded alt rock universe, where wild emotions are cast across a starry nightsky.

The 5 song EP is a coming of age journey back to MOERCH’s countryside childhood. With curiosity he explores and revisits first loves, unreleased sensations, loss and the free imagination which surrounded that era. This day we meet a mature singer-songwriter taking stock through honest reflection into the journals on the table before him.

Sonically the EP mixes acoustic and electronic elements. It often spans from a minimalist and simple expression to breathtaking rock escapades. Tonally it moves from atonal dystopian sounds to the airy and light. In other words this is a play across contrasts and an invitation to join a dynamic musical journey.

The EP is produced by young star-producer Brian Batz, the man behind Sleep Party People. The two generations meeting in Batz and MOERCH have brought to live the EP’s full potential in epic style.

First single is out February 2022.

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