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Copenhagen based duo, Veruna, is a hybrid between house and alternative pop. The group consist of singer and keyboard player Marcus Elkjer and drummer Max Winding.

​They explore the outer worlds of melodic house and the inner worlds of more alternative chilled pop. They both have a broad history as musicians and songwriters for several danish and foreign artist over the last 10 years. Max and Marcus met each other at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2011 where their musical chemistry slowly started to unfold.  Especially their mutual interests in sports came as a sign from above (both of them are huge football fans) and so the passion and intensity from the big football arenas became a starting point of inspiration in making house music with a variety of melodic structures on top.

Their live-act is known for absolute (positive) madness .They strive to move their audience emotionally and make them dance simultaneously with an energetic and heartfelt live performance.​

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