Gravitated Trailers

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Producer team based in Denmark with a creative approach and mindset on cinematic and atmospheric compositions.“Brothers creating sound and fury”.

The brothers also dilivered custom made music for trailers. They record, produce and craft the trailers themselves. 

Besides being produceres, the brothers are active and touring musicians (metal alternative). Currently with tours and festivals across the world. 

ROLAND article:

 Pressquotes for previous album produced by their band, LLN : 

“If Hans Zimmer decided to write a score for a psychological horror film, he would be wise to borrow samles off Deads” – MEDIUM

“Instrumental tracks flesh out the horror, the mechanical segues not setting the scene but rather orchestrating it” – METAL HAMMER

“It’s like the Inception sound design fed through a rusty meat grinder. In space.” – HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY

“It’s all formatted in a way that could’ve been envisioned from the mind of a deranged film composer” – HEAVY MUSIC HQ

“Part suspense movie score, part post-metal experiment, part slam festival, and part electro-industrial sonicscape” – INVISIBLE ORANGE

“It has the feel of a sci-fi soundtrack” – HALLOWED

“Enjoy the cinematic instrumentals” – METAL OBSESSION


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