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​​"We Can Do Anything" was the first single to launch Mikkel into the limelight. It started as a television ad for Volkswagen, but that quickly led people to call the ad agency to ask where they could buy the song. It was then that the agency proposed to help the musician and his band, and offered them a chance to record a video clip in Colombia. Suddenly a song written for an advert helped change Mikkel´s direction once again and Mikkel followed his passion to play again. The Monopolies and bureaucracy in Danish Radio at the time and the band´s differences in opinion of directions led Mikkel to move on to a solo career. With the death of his father, Raul Solnado in August 2009, the musician experienced a turnaround in his life and career. In Portugal, Mikkel´s friend Andre Cerqueira presented the song "We Can Do anything "on Commercial Radio and Mikkel found success. Tired of living in Denmark, he decided to return to Portugal especially after falling in love. With the arrows pointing to the destination Portugal, Mikkel Solnado moved to Lisbon, where he currently lives. Inspired by artists like Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and John Mayer, Mikkel says his sound is noisy, dirty and dusty mixed with great melody. His career as both Musician and Producer continues to grow.


 CVR: ​18 55 24 42  

Julsoevaenget 10, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark 

 +45 87 20 66 00