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Mikkel Solnado’s journey in the music industry began with the unexpected success of "We Can Do Anything," the first single that brought him into the spotlight. Originally created for a Volkswagen television ad, the catchy tune received an overwhelming response from the public, prompting the ad agency to help Mikkel and his band record a music video in Colombia. 

The experience reignited Mikkel’s passion for music, which led him to pursue a solo career after parting ways with his band due to creative differences and obstacles in Danish Radio.

Mikkel’s life took a dramatic turn after the passing of his father, Raul Solnado, in August 2009. A friend of his in Portugal, Andre Cerqueira, played "We Can Do Anything" on commercial radio and it quickly gained popularity, inspiring Mikkel to move to Lisbon, Portugal, where he currently resides.

Inspired by artists like Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, and John Mayer, Mikkel’s music is a fusion of different genres and styles, characterized by a noisy and dusty sound complemented by captivating melodies. As a talented musician and producer, Mikkel’s career continues to flourish.

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