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Album review I DR  I Tim in Space

Tim Schou, who back in 2013 made the bold decision to swap normal life for one of rich worldly experiences traveling the globe, is back. After 7 instructive and inspiring years as a musical world-traveling rover, Tim has landed in Denmark with a new debut album, a documentary, tour dates, and of course a fan base that stretches across the globe.​

Co-writes & Features

Felix Jaehn: “Millionaire” from the album ‘I’. Tim is also ghost vocalist on the giant hit “Feel Good”

Gold single in Russia – with “Magic feat. Tim Schou” by Tim3Bomb.

Platinum single in Sweden – with ”Kiss You Goodbye” by Anton Hagman.

Sick Individuals: “I Could Use A Friend (feat. Tim Schou)”

Go Go Berlin: “Go On (Forever)”, “Desert” and “Here Comes The Darkness” from the album ‘The Ocean’. “Struggle is real” and “Never Meant To” from the EP ‘LYFE’

Kill Buzzbee: The single Save Yourself’

Mags: ”Unpredictable” title song for the online series ‘GG Horsens’.

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