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PowderCloud is to music what Marvel is to films - varied, colourful, evocative and catchy.

No song sounds the same, and that is why you need to listen to their whole catalogue before you can confidently say you know their music.

So the next time you need a big song to come swooping in to save the day, PowderCloud is sure to deliver.

PowderCloud launched in 2018 with the EP "Songs from the AM", produced by Henrik Balling (Gangway, Marie Key, Peter Sommer). The EP's second single "Just Anything" was used as the music in a party-sequence in the DR tv-series “Deliver Us” ("Fred til lands"). The quartet then made their radio debut when their self-produced 2019 single "Fake Banksy" (co-produced by Julius Sylvest), which was played on DR P4. "Fake Banksy", as well as the follow-up singles "Without You" and now "Alone", demonstrate the boys’ broad genre outlook, though with a solid foundation in pop music.​


 CVR: ​18 55 24 42  

Julsoevaenget 10, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark 

 +45 87 20 66 00