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Lotus Noir is a talented artist and songwriter whose music uniquely blends dreamy pop, cinematic soundscapes, and 80s-inspired warm sound universe. Based in Copenhagen, Lotus Noir has developed a poetic and introspective style that reflects her belief in the power of surrendering to the unknown and embracing love as a guiding force.

Her music is deeply rooted in personal narratives and reflections on life experiences. Lotus Noir has channelled her daydreams and revelations into her latest EP, "The Bliss," a collection of songs that invite listeners to let go and immerse themselves in her hair-raising, euphoric frequencies.

In addition to "The Bliss," Lotus Noir has also written and recorded other notable tracks, including "Quiet in the Chaos" and "Shed Another Tear." Her music has earned her a loyal following and critical acclaim, with reviewers praising her ability to create evocative and emotional soundscapes that transport listeners to another realm.

With a passion for music and a commitment to creating art that speaks to the heart and soul, Lotus Noir is a rising star in indie music. Her unique sound and deeply personal approach to songwriting make her an artist to watch and a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

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