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Morten Remar was born in 1960 and made his debut as a singer and songwriter in 1984 in the band, Bon-Bon. In 1987, he formed Back to Back and a remix of the debut single reached the top 30 on the U.S. Billboard Dancechart and was on the list for 16 weeks. However, the breakthrough came first with the song "Jonathan" from the album Crackstreet in 1989.

After 3 successful albums, the band disbanded and he concentrated on a career as a soloist, producer, musician and songwriter in other contexts. Among other things, Maria Montell's international hit, "So the story goes" and several songs in Danish feature films.

After a music break of 7 years as a journalist at Danmarks Radio, he resumed his solo career in 2012 with two more album releases with subsequent tours.

Morten Remar still tours diligently with Back to Back and today lives in Viborg with his family, where he has his own studio and writes songs, produces and mixes tracks for other artists.

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