Jærv started out as a solo project for singer/songwriter Amanda Glindvad, but since producer/songwriter Mathias Smidt and Amanda wrote all the music together it soon grew naturally into a duo. Since its onset, Jærv has released three EPs and an album. The upcoming releases from Jærv range from folk ballads with dense vocal harmonies over experimental art pop to energetic outbursts that draw inspiration from several electronic undercurrents.

Behind the enigmatic name Ma’am resides a duo of producer/songwriter Mathias Smidt and singer / songwriter Amanda Glindvad who are also the driving force behind the danish pop duo Jærv.

In Ma’am they show a direct and powerful pop style, both futuristic and boundary-pushing as well as clearly recognizing what has come before with inspiration drawing on genres as different as soul, motown and glam rock. The result is a playful, uplifting universe in which Amanda and Mathias share the lead singer role.

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