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The Blue Van, which consists of Steffen Westmark, Søren V. Christensen, Allan Villadsen and Per Jørgensen, have with their two previous albums "Man Up" from (2008) and "Love Shot" (2010) really made their mark in the Danish topsoil. They went to kindergarten together in North Jutland Brønderslev, started playing together as 12-year-olds, got an American record contract in 2003, released albums all over the world, played big concerts in the USA, only to move back home to the children's rooms again 3 years later. Right now, the band has reunited to play concerts and record new music and the band is on their way back with their 7th album, From Responsible Sources.

The album "Man Up" offered the hit singles "Silly Boy" (P3's Inevitable) and "Man Up" followed by the song "There Goes My Love", which became world famous in the first "iPad" commercial in 2010. Then followed the album "Love Shot" which also spawned several singles hits, such as "Love Shot", "Fame And Glory", and "Run To The Sun" as well as the duet "Love Radar" with Danish Nabiha. In the wake of this, the band has also been honored with a BMI Award, nominated for P3 Gold Award in the category "Breakthrough of the Year", Gaffa Award 2010 In the category "Danish Rock Release of the Year" etc. and today has more than 30 sync locations in the baggage. In 2012, the band released "Would You Change Your Life?" and latest release "Letters" is from 2015.

The Blue Van has undoubtedly, slowly but surely, worked its way to great success and recognition. This is also because the band is one of Denmark's very best live bands!

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