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Mone is an alternative electronic DIY pop project that with it’s sweet melodies, grand synth sounds and rough beats, challenges the simplicity of pop music as we know it. mone is a polarized creature that on the one hand is feminine and elegant, and on the other is rough and dirty. It is the split between uncontrollable emotions and attempts to curb them, which unfolds as a power struggle in both the phonetic and lyrical universe. 

Freethinking and feminine violence carries mone to the surface of the waters of pop culture, allowing her to draw currents from the dark sonic depths. She embraces great understanding of pop music, by never underestimating her listener, and guides them along through complex electronic elements.


 CVR: ​18 55 24 42  

Julsoevaenget 10, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark 

 +45 87 20 66 00