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Tim Schou out with Single + Video for 'RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN'

(9. november 2018 11:36)

Tim Schou is out with his new single 'RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN' and a rather hillarius music video connected to.

We have all seen the movie, and most guys probably knows the feeling. It is the ancient theme of forbidden love, and thus Tim Schou joins the club of songwriters, authors, filmmakers and poets who have put their spin on the widespread tale. But for Tim, the song has another level of meaning, as he explains:

"I have always imagined the armed dad as a metaphor for the who-do-you-think-you-are attitude in the music industry. After I participated in Eurovision with A Friend In London, I’ve been working on lifting off my solo career. But it’s a tricky business, and sometimes it feels like you’re trying to sleep with the forbidden daughter, while her dad is standing there with a shotgun, saying "run kiddo – run for your life”. But as time goes by you harden and now I can look at these things with an ironic distance, which is also the case with Run Run Run Run Run”

The ironic distance is prominent in the music video, where the wryly contrast between cheerful lust and seriousness is a unifying element in portraying the drama between father, gun, daughter and wooer. The video is shot in Dave Mustaine’s (Megadeath) mansion in Los Angeles, who Tim knows through his daughter, Electra. Tim discovered, that guns can be troubling in more than one sense.

"Originally, the song was called Daddy’s Got A Gun, but we had to change the title because people kept pointing out (the risk of sending) that it could send the wrong message. For the same reason, we had to make a disclaimer in the music video – I have never tried that before, and suddenly the whole thing was heading down a path I never meant to. So we decided to go about it in a more humorous way, and named it Run Run Run Run Run. We’re even talking about replacing the hunting rifle in the video with a baguette – ecological, off course” says Tim Schou.

The video is out, and is highly recommended to watch: Here



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