White Dominos

TITLE:Dying For A Change





TIm Schou






White Dominos out with Their new EP 'Dying For A Change'

(9. november 2018 11:31)

'Dying For A Change' is the first publication on disc from White Dominos since Autumn 2015, the tracks being the result of many months of songwriting, arranging and studio production. Since the EP On To Something, White Dominos have been working on developing their own sound and experimenting with artistic form, and 'Dying For A Change' is the result. A more voluminous sound universe and an even more melodious approach to songwriting creates a warm Rock-waffle sprinkled with Pop-syrup, for which White Dominos have a seemingly insatiable appetite.

White Dominos have collaborated with the two inspirational producers from Thunder & Lightning Music, Søren Zahle and Mads Tønder. They have had a huge influence on all 5 songs. Jonas, from Dominos, explains: »It’s been a great experience to have ’more ears’ in the project, and they have really created the surroundings in which we have felt secure whilst being challenged to improve our songwriting«

Jonas adds, »There has also been room to take opportunities when they arise, like when the entire Folk-Rock band In Lonely Majesty happened to be in the studio for their rehearsal. We just had to have them on board, they were happy to oblige, so now they’re part of the choir in the title number "Dying For A Change”«

The songs are written with focus on emotions, those to which everyone can relate. Mostly about heartbreak of some kind, but also stagnation, longing and anger. Dominos’ Daniel says, »It’s important for us to be able to share through our music the same ordinary human emotions that everyone has, both with our fans and ourselves«. Mads Beck (drums) continues »It makes all the hard work worthwhile when we hear that our music has helped people through emotionally hard periods or simply made someone happy and full of energy«

The five songs were recorded in either Feedback Studiet by Magnus Vad or in Studio Comunale with Søren Zahle and Mads Tønder. Much of the technical work has also been done by lead singer Jonas Sharpe himself at Sharpe Studio.

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