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TITLE:Dying For A Change





TIm Schou






Lucas Hoangs new single and Video is out.

(9. november 2018 11:28)

"Dilemma is an up-tempo, melodic pop-song with an electronic production along the spine.” – Says the young Lucas Hoang, who was assisted by the producer Kristian Martinsen on his new single. The lyrics is about living, taking choices and celebrating what you have, for good and bad.

"A farewell is not always pleasant. But a farewell can also be filled with passionate feelings, which can cause a dilemma. This was my reference for writing the lyrics” Lucas explains.

Lucas Hoangs new single, shows different perspectives with the struggle of saying farewell to your partner. These struggles are support by a variety of synthesizers and Lucas Hoangs unique falsetto.


Regarding the music Video:

”It’s a simple set-up, which has the purpose of reflecting the clarity of the song, but also with the purpose of expressing the contrast, which the dilemma is about.” – Says the young Lucas Hoang, when he talks about his thoughts behind the music video to Dilemma.

Even Though the farewell is a sad experience, and feels like a dilemma, the song is about the ending of a relationship, passionate with chaos and not having any regrets: "Let’s burn our scars in the night and leave our love in the fire.”
That is the reason behind the blue and dark tones that shows throughout the entire video, but at the same time, a dynamic movement of dancing and lighting that are breaking through the fire.

The music video is recorded in Copenhagen, at ‘Ofelias Plads’. Morten Kronborg and Frans Vu are the men behind the camera, and Morten Kronborg are behind production and instruction.
In the video, we see also an appearance from Michael Vestergaard Jensen, whose is the dancer.
"It’s pretty obvious that Michael’s inspiration comes from Michael Jackson. The King of Pop has a huge influence on both of us, so it made perfect sense to make references to him the way we did.” Says Lucas Hoang.

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