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New single from The Blue Van - Racketeer

(12. marts 2015 10:08)

The Blue Van kicks off 2015 in style with their new
single "Racketeer”. The single is #4 in the row of 10 singles, which The Blue Van has proclaimed in order to provoke the album concept.

The band’s previous single, ”Illusion”, was just released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and The Blue Van recently returned to Denmark from a successful tour in Switzerland, playing for an engaged Swiss audience in local clubs as well as promoting their music and new single concept. Also "Illusion” is getting substantial airplay on US benchmark radio stations, such as KROQ (LA), WBOS (Boston), KNRK (Portland), KNDD (Seattle) and more.

”Racketeer” is about being part of a generation, that has chosen the city in order to seek happiness. About being engulfed by it all and consequently learn from your mistakes. About learning to swerve in an industry without rules, seizing opportunities as they whiz by. About figuring out who you can trust and which tricks, you have to use to be successful. It is about gambling, maintaining a poker face, betting on the right horses. Basically to be a musical Racketeer year 2015.

The sound is insisting and hard, polished punk with a vocal not unlike Iggy Pop & The Stooges’ "Search & Destroy”. The song has a thematically guitar riff, which constantly responds to the lead vocal, on a hard beat, pushing "Racketeer” forward, wilder and wilder. The chorus preaches "I can’t help you, it’s confidential. I’m not allowed to use my potential as a Racketeer”, and this simply becomes the essence of the song”, says Steffen Westmark (lead singer and guitarist).

Once again the video is produced by Daniel Buchwald, who also was behind the 3 previous videos in The Blue Van’s single concept. Likewise the storyline again is developed jointly, to make sure the theme and the message of the song appear in moving pictures.

Tim Schous is giving is a treat with his advents calendar, where he plays an intimate accustic session infront of a stranger.
After ten years of enjoyable music from The Blue Vans album 'Man Up', are the record getting repressed for our enjoyment!
Farveblinds song 'Jewels' Can be heard now in the new movie "The Girl In The Spider's Web".