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The Blue Van & Velvet Volume - New Single -

(12. december 2014 13:42)

The Blue Van recording with support band

Surprise bonus single Better Together dropped on Monday, 17 November, 2014
On Monday 17 November The Blue Van and girl band Velvet Volume released the joint single, Better Together. The Blue Van noticed Velvet Volume back in April this year and the guys were quick to invite the girlz on their fall tour.
When the idea of a joint track popped up – even before the tour started – everybody were game right away and the question was raised: has it ever happened before, in Denmark, that a band has written, recorded and released a track with their support band? .... not to the best of our recollection.

On cooperation with Velvet Volume, The Blue Van says:
”Velvet Volume is among the most exciting happenings on the Danish music scene within the last five years – if you dare look past Mø and Oh Land. They are part of a new wave of girl rock bands, taking no bullshit and playing their asses off. Therefore, it was clear this track had to be. The girls are super talented musicians and to capture the fury of two rock bands, squeezed into a small studio, we recorded the track live. The result is a solid song, both bands complimenting each other insanely well. At the same time it is a perfect end to our concerts.”

Better Together was written and composed by the two bands jointly in The Blue Van’s rehearsal studio in Copenhagen on a Sunday afternoon in October and then recorded in the Skraaplan Recording Studio in Aarhus. The track is recorded live with all seven musicians at the same time – The Blue Van in one room and Velvet Volume in another. This double set-up was chosen to capture the fury of the track and get the most authentic rock sound.

”The song is about 2 generations within the rock genre, at the beginning looking skeptically at each other but soon realizing that "together they stand stronger”. They challenge each other along the styles of Otis Redding & Carla Thomas. The musical side consists of a no-bullshit punked rock riff, insisting from start to finish. All band members are on the track – so 2 times everything – Better Together!” -  says Steffen Westmark.

”It was real fun writing Better Together with The Blue Van. It was like a crazy fun dry run with a few more band members. The track is very energetic and powerful. It is super cool performing it live with The Blue Van!” – says Velvet Volume.

In 2014 The Blue Van released singles only, for a while bypassing the album in the traditional sense. The previous singles The Beat Goes On, More and Illusion have been very well received and especially Illusion has been in rotation on Danish national radio P3.
It is no secret that The Blue Van has been on the road several years more than Velvet Volume but with Better Together the two bands have proven that the gap between generations need not be that deep.

The Blue Van
The Blue Van recorded their first album, "A Session With The Blue Van”, in 2001. Since the band has been near and far; a.o. had a record deal in the US, had their music featuring several TV series and advertising, has toured all over the world, was ‘The Week’s Unavoidable’ on Danish national P3 radio, etc. The Blue Van plays intense and authentic rock and is an experienced live band.

Steffen Westmark: vocal, guitar
Søren Christensen: background vocals, guitar, organ
Allan Villadsen: bass
Per Mølgaard Jørgensen: drums

Velvet Volume
In 2012 twins, Noa and Naomi, and their little sister, Nataja Lachmi, formed the girl band Velvet Volume. The sound is raw, honest rock and their oldschool approach to rock takes the listeners back to simpler times, when rock was authentic and straight forward.

Noa Lachmi, guitar and vocal
Naomi Lachmi, bass and vocal
Nataja Lachmi, drums


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