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3th single from The Blue Van; Illusion - Out Now!

(26. september 2014 09:57)

Old School becomes New Cool

- The Blue Van challenges the album format by releasing a string of singles

The Blue Van fans continually have a lot to look forward to - the rest of the year the band will keep on dropping singles.
As part of The Blue Van’s ingenuity of a different album format in the rock genre, their fans once again can look forward to a cool late summer track called "Illusion”.
After the first 2 singles, "The Beat Goes On” and "More”, released in the spring, the band has creatively worked on with a new track, containing the essence of the band’s emotional presence and the mood of the hot summer months, which are slowly coming to an end this year.


”Illusion” is The Blue Van’s third single in a string of ten, inspired by the seasonal summer months and future aspirations.

”The beautiful summer days, this summer has already brought us, makes you wanna throw your head into some sunshine and daydream a little. "Illusion” is all about imagining something good, happening in the future. As the title indicates, the single is about creating an illusion based on your own feelings and aspirations. And it is a mega feel-good summer track, giving you the feeling of driving an open sports car in Monaco, with the wind in your hair and sipping boat drinks”, the lead singer, Steffen Westmark, says.

Want the unsafe

The Blue Van has chosen to leave the traditional, and the safe, album format behind in order to only release singles.
It is easy to keep on doing the same thing over and over again; something new has to happen, something unsafe, not knowing exactly where you will end up.
The different approach to the rock genre is also reflected in the creative process in the studio. "Illusion”, the second single in the string of ten, has been through the hands of the producer team, Dan Hougesen and Mark Wills. This dynamic duo, also involved in previous Blue Van album productions, was focused on the musical vibe at the time of the recording. The "right here, right now” focus makes sure that the different singles capture the band at that particular point of their musical development. Also, new and spontaneous ideas are allowed to blossom instead of being put away for the next album, meaning much less wait for The Blue Van’s fans.


”It is all about new thinking and doing things differently – because the world is different now”, says Steffen Westmark (lead singer and guitarist). "At the same time, our approach to releasing music is very much old school; The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and all the others did just the same in the old days”.


- Watch the video for "Illusion" here:


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After ten years of enjoyable music from The Blue Vans album 'Man Up', are the record getting repressed for our enjoyment!
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