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Postyr Live

(9. december 2013 16:08)
The Danish a capella group "POSTYR PROJECT” will be performing their new single "Go! Don’t Stop!” at the European Short Course Swimming Championships’ opening ceremony on Dec. 12th. The Championship will be held in Herning, Denmark Dec 12th – 15th.
A pop version of Efterklang or Arcade Fire, exposed to Nordic song writing, is not unlike Danish Postyr Project. The fact that everything happening is created with five voices controlled by a computer, makes Postyr Project’s live performances into something unprecedented on the European pop scene. You will experience a showdown of how pop music is created on stage and you will go home from the band's concerts with at least one hook line firmly planted in your ears.
Postyr Project just returned from a tour in Taiwan, where they appeared on several TV shows and performed in front of 20,000 people as headliner for the Taichung Jazz. On very special occasions Postyr Project has performed with Danish and international artists such as Nabiha, DJ Static, The Real Group, Rajaton and Pust and they have been nominated and won several international awards for their concerts and recordings. Most recent they were the runner up for American top seller Pentatonix for best live performance at this year’s ACA Awards in the US.
In December 2013 Postyr Project releases the album, "My Future Self”, and the single, "Go! Don’t Stop!”, in Denmark. "Go! Don’t Stop” will be featured at the opening of the European Swimming Championship, which takes place in BOXEN in Herning (DK) on December 12th, 2013.
In 2014 Postyr Project plans a large-scale festival tour, which will anchor the band in the mainstream audience’s consciousness. After extensive touring in 2013 with concerts in the U.S., Asia, UK, Germany and Scandinavia, it is time for the festivals and the festival audience.
Solid airplay in German radio with the song "My Future Self", has created solid interest in the pop aspect of Postyr Project’s music. This has led to a full focus on creating a sound and live performance, aimed at a wider audience. The member’s extremely high musical level ensures some unerringly solid appearances and the group’s easily accessible songs stand out as true ear bugs, which might as well have strained from a classic band constellation.
The festival season 2014 marks a new and exciting step in the career of Postyr Project. The audience will get to know a number of singles from the band's upcoming album, out in November 2014.
25/1    Berlin, Kulturbrauerei (DE)                                            
1-5/4  Sweden tour
24/4    Celle, CD-Kaserne      (DE)                                              
25/4    Hameln, Sumpblume (DE)
26/4    Köln, Bürgerhaus Kalk (DE)
Postyr Project consists of:
Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning (voc, laptop), Tine Fris (voc), Line Groth (voc), Andreas Bech (voc), Anders Hornshøj Laugesen (voc)
YouTube: Go! Don’t Stop!
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