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The Blue Van - video release

(27. juni 2012 12:53)

Photographer and screenwriter Thomas Fryd did not think of The Blue Van, when he first heard first single "Would You Change Your Life?".
"It sounded international, much different than any other Danish music. There is edge and substance to the number and it challenged me creatively from the first time I heard it. It's a song that requires more than a regular music video. It demands a great narrative story, a feature film at 6 min, which redeems the song's epic message "says Thomas Fryd.

"Would You Change Your Life? is about "mind-fuck." We wanted to explore the boundary between "insanity" and "reality" and the paradox between the dream away to a nine-to-five jobs, which in itself is insane waste of life "complement the film's director and other writer Michel Winckler-Krog.

Grand visions, a tight schedule and limited budgets are not immediately a good combination, when making great art. And the team behind the video ran too quickly head towards the "location-wall". They had to use a mental hospital - quickly! Fortunately Thomas Fryd ran into the right man in the Capital Region. Christian Ricther warrants that he had the location to be used for filming. "I know in my heart that Hørsholm Hospital is the place you need" he assured Thomas, who took a leap of faith and for the first time ever, chose a location without having seen it. And Christian was right. The hospital was the perfect environment for authentic filmed "lunatic asylum" scenes.

The single "Would You Change Your Life?" Is the forerunner of The Blue Vans fifth studio album of the same name, released on 3 September.

Album release will be followed up by a massive fall tour that starts on 13th September.
Tim Schous is giving is a treat with his advents calendar, where he plays an intimate accustic session infront of a stranger.
After ten years of enjoyable music from The Blue Vans album 'Man Up', are the record getting repressed for our enjoyment!
Farveblinds song 'Jewels' Can be heard now in the new movie "The Girl In The Spider's Web".