Iceberg Synchronisation licenses songs for use in advertising, films, trailers, TV shows, videos, in-house presentations, merchandising, stage productions, games and Internet use.

We give potential licensees access to our extensive music catalogue. Depending the specific requirement, we create samples of musical CD's or send musical works digitally. Furthermore, we regularly create musical CD's with excerpts from our catalogue for creative and art directors, film producers and the advertising industry.


EASY CLEARING: The Iceberg catalogue is easily cleared with our sub-publisher SONY/ATV - (EMI Music Publishing) (all countries outside Scandinavia) . More than 2500 high quality masters of various genres are available at affordable rates! Master approvals will be given the same day.


Iceberg SynchTank is a powerful online search engine, that allow you to search the entire Iceberg catalogue, synch your videos to the music, download tracks, instrumentals and meta data - and much more. Please register and dig into a world of high quality music.



American Reunion / featured track
Magic Mike / featured track
Hyundai / advertising
Royal Pains / theme song
90210 / featured track
Apple / advertising
The Boys Are Back / trailer
CSI NY / featured track
Coca Cola / advertising
Lie To Me / featured track
Scrubs / promo
Samsung / advertising
Private Practice / featured track
Siemens / advertising
NCIS LA / featured track
BMW / advertising
The Hard Times Of RJ Berger / promo
Body Of Proof / featured track
Playstation / advertising
Fright Night / featured track
Quaker Oats / advertising
Shameless / featured track
Glico / advertising
Hellcats / featured track
Vodafone / advertising
North Shore / featured track
Kraft Food / advertising
The Telling / featured track
Telus / advertising
Kunsten At Grde I Kor / featured track
Red Lobster / advertising
Strings / featured track
Sony - Sing Star / game