Beautifully crafted vocal music that gets stuck in your head.
An intense live showdown between voice and computer.


The Danish vocal group POSTYR are changing the face of vocal music as we know it with 5 voices, a computer and their infectious melodies in a mix of original compositions and radical interpretations of well-known material.

POSTYR are known around the world for their distinctive and evocative sound that combines 5 amazing vocals with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting making POSTYR’s live performances something truly special on the international music scene.


You will experience pop music created on stage like nothing you’ve ever heard before, leaving you with their catchy songs stuck firmly in your head for sing-along on your way home. Growing up singing vocal music since early childhood the members of Postyr met through the inspiring musical environment around the world famous Danish choir, Vocal Line, and the award winning vocal group,Vox 11. POSTYR was founded in 2009 due to a profound desire to write music and sing together.


The first concert took place at AROS – Arts Museum in Denmark. Only 3 people showed up – not exactly a flying start, but the group soon got their wings. Recently, POSTYR have returned from an 18-months world tour including a concert series in Taiwan where the group appeared on national TV and performed in front of 20,000 people headlining one of the biggest festivals in Asia, the Taichung Jazz Festival.

You may already have heard POSTYR’s latest single My Future Self that has had solid airplay on German radio. Or you may have heard, Run Run Run which featured in a world-wide advertising campaign for Vero Moda as well as a Samsung campaign in Korea. Or maybe you noticed the European swimming championships, using Go! Dont Stop! during the opening ceremony. POSTYR also features on the latest album by the American group The House Jacks, Pollen.

POSTYR have rapidly gained respect amongst their peers having been invited to perform with leading international artists such as the Swedish vocal jazz legends The Real Group, Rajaton, Pust, DJ Static and Nabiha, as well as being nominated for and winning several prestigious international awards for their concerts and recordings. Most recently as runner up for Pentatonix for best live performance at the ACA Awards in the USA.
POSTYR will release a new album in 2015 through the record label Iceberg Records. The
songs of the album is influenced by life on the road, the longing to see something new, the loneliness of being away from home, the joy of being free and the courage to leave all your fears behind and live out your dreams. The songs are composed and written by the singers in POSTYR in airports, hotel rooms and during short pit stops at home by the piano over the past couple of years.


The story behind the song “Paper Tiger” has its roots in China, where there is a saying about about a terrifying tiger, which upon closer inspection turns out to be a harmless tiger made of paper, so light and fragile that it can be blown away by a puff of a wind. Things are not always what they seem, and the detail can be critical to the understanding of the whole. That goes for the paper tiger and for POSTYR.
“The voice is probably the instrument in the world that has the most different sound colours. Some are beautiful, others are sharp and edgy, like so much else in life. If we want music to resemble ,who we really are, we must be honest and make room for beuaty, excitement, gloom, toughness and fragility. You might want to shut your eyes and ears to it, but hopefully you will discover that there can be beauty and harmony in the contrasts”, says soprano Tine Fris, “somewhere between the words, the timbres, the melodies and the natural immediacy of the voices and the mechanical precision of the computer, we are chasing a nerve and expression, which is hard to put into words, but which everybody can feel, when we corner it for a moment.



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