With influences from bands like Pearl Jam and fellow Danes Kashmir, Telli Bill’s music is both rocking and abstract. The band never tries to stick to a formula of how music should be – they continuously challenge themselves and the audience. Still, the songs are catchy and dynamic. Having been one of the most interesting young bands in Denmark over the last years, it came as no surprise to anyone, that they signed a recording deal while still being teenagers. Loads of concerts in clubs and major Danish festivals helped Telli Bill develop a reputation as a great live-act and lately they supported Alphabeat on their tour in Denmark.

The spring of 2006 was – besides attending school – spent recording tracks for their EP “Ego Surfing” that was released in February 2007 – gaining some bush for the band. The big sources of inspiration for the single are The Beatles, Beach Boys and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The song is about how love can give you scars for life, psychologically as well as physically.



Morten Winther Nielsen (lead vocal, guitar, synth)

Christian Rohde Lindinger (vocal, bass, keys)

Mathias Sørensen (vocal, drums, percussion)



Ego Surfing (2007)