On Sparkplug’s album “Dharma Punks”, 12 songs vibrate with energy. With a touch of the last 40 years of music history and roots buried deep in rock’n’roll, the band is propagator of melody, devil-may-care-less, and spiritual search. The distortion-pedal has been cranked down and the production is more to-the-bone and more simple than on the debut album. This is thanks to the legendary Danish producer Tommy Hansen’s steady hands who have had great influence on the album.

The trio from Denmark seizes the universal rock and leaves it to others to compete about quoting the 80s sound picture or live up to the worn-out rock’n’roll clichés. The band steals from no-one, they steal from everyone. The band was born during the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and Sex Pistols and went to school with Cream, Who and Hendrix. The band loves Atomic Swing, Beck and Queens of the Stone Age and all Sparkplug songs are written, recorded and produced with one goal in mind: ”It’s gotta be tough enough for the guys, and sweet enough for the girls”.



Frederik Hansen (vocal, guitar)

Mathias Gregersen (bass, mellotron)

Simon Lundvig (drums, havoc)



Dharma Punks (2006)