The Danish band Skywriter released in 2006 their debut-album “Where Both Worlds Never Meet” on Iceberg Records. The album is a wake up call for those who are tourists in their own lives; the people who let life pass by without taking a stand. Skywriter plays rock in the tradition of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and art rockers David Bowie and Lou Reed. The music sizzles as a summer hot pavement with three sorts of asphalt; some from Berlin, some from New York and a lot from Copenhagen. With simple means, Skywriter paints a passionate and dramatic picture of life in the city. A decadent romance with smoking guns and lonely beds - a trip on the highway towards the land of the setting sun.

Skywriter has through the years developed a dynamic style of raw and elegant rock ‘n roll combined with intimate, dramatic ballads. The band makes an indispensable setting for singer Jakob Dahn’s dark and deeply personal voice. “Where Both Worlds Never Meet.” is made in cooperation with the Swedish super-producer Mattias Glavå (Håkan Hellstrom, Broder Daniel, Granada, and Dungen). The album was recorded analogue in Varispeed Studio, Klågerup and in Glavå Production, Gothenburg, Sweden.



Jakob Dahn (lead vocal, guitar, würlitzer)

Morten Dalhoff (vocal, bass, percussion)

Søren Jensen (drums, percussion)

Thomas Strate (vocal, guitar, keys)




Where Both Worlds Never Meet (2006)