They don’t give a damn about what’s ‘comme il faut’ in today’s pop- and rock music. That’s why Natural Born Hippies doesn’t sound like any other band. They have a style of their own and play this wonderful strange hybrid of just pop and rock. Of course, they didn’t invent “the feel” again and they honestly know that, because when asked about how they would describe their own music, they often say: ”the same old popshit done differently”.

Natural Born Hippies were formed in the Danish city of Randers. Dan Hougesen (vocals); Sune Thorbjoernsen (guitar); Bo Christensen (bass) and Tom Lindby (drums) have all played in various bands for many years but the first time any of them really got it right, was when they formed Natural Born Hippies.

Natural born hippies


Dan Hougesen (vokal)

Sune Thorbjørnsen (guitar)

Bo Christensen (bass)

Tom Lindby (trommer)



Wake Up Calls (2005)

In Your Dreams (2002)

I Don´t Care (2001)

Popshit (1999)



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