"Pure Fucking Rock” was the motto, when the rock trio MERZY from the island Funen in Denmark was founded in 1988. MERZY did a meteoric career, when they only one year after establishing the band released the first album “MERZY” all over Europe. It was MERZY’s springboard to the openhearted enthusiasm from the big rock magazines. The “praises” was given for energy, eagerness and the capacity to play and that they didn’t ride the wave of homogeneity, which was so favoured at the time, but went into a different direction - back to the roots – with their refreshing and pure rock.

After the debut-album, a couple of years followed with touring all over Europe, several concerts in Denmark, among others “MIDTFYNS FESTIVALLEN” and “ROSKILDE FESTIVALLEN”, appearance on Danish Television , and a live-recording for Danish National Radio “Den rullende Rockredaktion”. In a time where people are fattened up with music made by samples, drum machines and synthesizers, MERZY is a “hot” and different “fresh” touch in the formation of real live music.




Henrik Bjørn (lead vocal, bass)Steffen Schackinger (vocal, lead guitar)

Mickey Hurricane (vocal, drums)



Hole In My Soul (1996)

Only The Strong Will Survive (1996)

Real Good Trouble (1996)

Bite (1996)

Rock The Blues (1991)

Merzy (1989)