Jeanett Debb is half Danish, half Syrian – an explosive mix of stylish Danish coolness and Syrian mystique. She started early to travel around Europe as a singer in a band with a wide range of nationalities. It was during this period that she began to write music herself, which soon led to a record deal with Sony Music and several chart hits in Denmark - including the theme music for the ‘Big Brother’ reality show. She appeared in several TV shows, newspapers, magazines and went on a tour with her new album.

The last couple of years she has been writing songs for the new solo album. She has been experimenting A number of styles. She has been seeking her roots in the ethnical music, and in Australia she met Rasmus Khlunkel – which led to SHIFTFUNC feat. BELLATRONIQUE, who with their song “No Rhyme and Reason” had a high rotation on MTV UK. Now Jeanett is back where she started in the broad spectrum of lounge, jazz and pop.

jeanett debb


Jeanett Debb



Danske Vuggeviser (2001)

Virtualize (2001)



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