GITM. These 4 letters have nothing to do with tuned cars or alternatives to ISDN. It is, on the other hand, an abbreviation for one of the most promising bands from Denmark: Girl In The Moon. The story of Girl In The Moon started in 1996. At that time Søren Lund played in a band called ‘Salad Days’ and one day he met the charismatic singer Kristina Holgersen. Kristina had already been in several bands and could also be heard in various TV and radio jingles.

The songs were written by Michael Kolster, who was one of the founders of ‘Nice Little Penguins’ back in 1991 and thus had already been across the Danish border with huge success. Nice Little Penguins dissolved in 1997 but Michael immediately knew which way to go. Together with his brother, drummer Carsten Kolster (also from Nice Little Penguins), he joined ‘Salad Days’ and just before going into the studio for a demo recording, the bass player Morten Elley became the 5th member - GITM was born.

The album “PURPLE AFTERNOON” was recorded in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, involving such well renowned producers as Per Sunding from the Tambourine Studios (a.o. Cardigans, The Wannadies, Bob Hund) and Christian Fleps from Pink Studio, Hannover (a.o. Natural Born Hippies, Jimmy Sommerville, Cultured Pearls).

girl in the moon



Kristina Holgersen (lead vocal)

Michael Kolster (vocal, guitar)

Søren Lund (guitar)

Morten Elley (vocal, bass)

Carsten Kolster (vocal, drums)



Purple Afternoon (2002)