After a voluntary hiatus from music for more than 7 years, singer/songwriter Morten Remar is returning to the music scene with the release of his fourth solo album sometime in early 2012.

The first single “Beautiful You” will be released early in 2012 and is a precursor for the yet unnamed English-language solo album produced by guitarist Jens Runge together with Morten Remar. The release will be followed up by Morten Remar and his band with a live tour featuring all the new numbers from the album. The live band is the same as on the album with brothers Jens Runge on guitar and Søren Runge on piano, Swedish Marcus Liliequist on drums and Henrik Irgens on bass.

“I am really looking forward to getting back into the music scene with this release, and I am especially looking forward to playing all the new songs. It is very different from the pop music I played with ‘Back to Back' - more like the singer/songwriter tradition – and it has resulted in some very different and more narrative songs.”

Morten Remar has released 17 albums since his debut in 1982 and mostly known as the man who sang and composed the pop classic ‘Jonathan' – a hit from the early 90's with ‘Back to Back'.



Morten Remar