John Gordon has a genuine passion for music and it has always been a big part of his life. He loves every aspect of creating music, writing lyrics, arranging, recording and producing. So far his songs have appeared on more than 50 records worldwide. John has written a lot of songs for artists worldwide, songs which a.o. have been featured in movies, TV shows and used as signature music in several TV programs. In 2008 he met Ms Julie Frost from Chicago, US, and a great co-writing collaboration started. Julie is part of the RedZone Entertainment in Atlanta, US, and in 2009 John went to Atlanta for a writing session. In RedZone’s studio, Triangle Sound Studio, many a great musical collaboration has started for several artists and a lot of exciting projects are in the making John has been co-writing with international writers and producers.

In spite of his busy schedule, John Gordon also has found the time to work as a producer, session guitar player, a programmer as well as a co-mix producer on many records.


John has been writing for or co-writing with the following artists:

Lena Meyer-Landrutt (D)

Anne Noa

Misha Williams

Ashley Noot

Monkeys Of Syion

Katrina and The Waves (UK)

Michael Learns To Rock (DK)


Jenna Andrews (US)

Elena Tonra (UK)

Mike Leon (D)

Valeria Rossi (I)

Glenn Aitken (UK)

Jesica Clemmons (US)

Simon Mathew (DK)

Charite (N)

Vivan Sørmeland (N)

Victoria Hansen (DK)

Anna Leddra Chapman (UK)

Amanda Droste (US)

Lene Dissing (DK)

Cass Phang (Asia)

...and more



john gordon