More than 200 titles have successfully been placed in films, trailers, games and commercials, as a result of carefully planned strategic work placing them. We publish in Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic countries, and are sub-published by SONY/ATV - (EMI Music Publishing) in all other countries.


“The way to a fast clearing”
We surgest that you first clear the master clearing at Iceberg Records. All requests for master terms and conditions will be approved the same day by our standard reply: “Approved if MFN with publisher”. No further negotiations with Iceberg in regards to the master is needed.

In order to speed up a publishing clearing at SONY/ATV - (EMI Music Publishing), please copy the following e-mail adress to your first e-mail quote request to SONY/ATV - (EMI Music Publishing) - We’ll then be able to follow the development and “give a hand” speeding up the process… if necessary.


Back catalogue tracks can be licensed very reasonably.



EASY CLEARING: The Iceberg catalogue is easily cleared with our sub-publisher SONY/ATV - (EMI Music Publishing) (all countries outside Scandinavia) . More than 1500 high quality masters of various genres are available at affordable rates! Master approvals will be given the same day.